A-Box Exclusive Metal Gear Solid 3″ Titan Released

Looks like A-Box is getting into Titan exclusives. One of the newest subscription box services (it started this summer), A-Box has touted that they will have several exclusive pieces in each month’s subscription box. For the October “POWER” box, which subscribers are starting to find in their mailboxes, A-Box teamed up with Titan Merchandise for an exclusive 3″ vinyl figure from their Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain Collection. Here is a look at a special variant of Snake.


For those of you wondering “Gee, that look a lot like the regular release Snake…”, you are correct. It took my friend Dave and I a bit to discern the difference, but it is there, hard to see until you compare the figures side by side. Here is a pic of the regular release, courtesy of Dave, next to this special edition to compare.

So, if you are a Titans completionist, or a fan of Metal Gear Solid, perhaps you might want to track this exclusive down. Signups for the “POWER” box are done with, so you will probably have to resort to the secondary market.

Not wanting to miss out on future exclusives from A-Box? You can subscribe now for the upcoming “JUSTICE” box, which will feature items (some exclusive) from Wonder Woman, The Punisher, Robocop, and Captain America.