Review: SDCC Bruce Wayne Pop! Vinyl

As of Sunday night, yet another New York Comic Con has come and gone, and we tristate area nerds find ourselves at home taking stock of all the goodies we found.  Cons are always a great place to find rare Pops for a lower price than on the Internet, and I was lucky enough to find the DCEU Bruce Wayne figure produced for San Diego Comic Con three months ago.

While I place myself in the camp of fans firmly disapproving of Ben Affleck’s portrayal of Batman, I have to admit he does an amazing job portraying the Caped Crusader’s civilian persona, and Funko created a great Pop to match.  The sculpt of the hair immediately stands out as a highlight, containing great detail and texture, as well as gray streaks at the temples to reflect Bruce’s fatigue after too many years of staying up late.  The batarang he holds reminds viewers of a hilarious moment from the first Justice League trailer (speaking of which, how great was the new one?), and the long-tailed jacket is a great detail to keep a little bit of Batman’s ominous silhouette.  As is expected with most small details on Pops, the paint around the edge of the necktie is a little bit blurry, but as it’s located so close under the chin, it’s very hard to notice unless the figure is placed as high as eye level.

Overall, I am very pleased with this figure and would definitely recommend it to any fans of Gotham’s most eligible bachelor.