Hello, Neighbor! Welcome to Funko!

Will you successfully sneak into your neighbor’s house? The stealth survival horror video game Hello Neighbor from tinyBuild and Dynamic Pixels is now receiving the Pop! Vinyl treatment!   The Neighbor is shown with shovel and crow.

Add him to your collection this Fall!

Don’t forget to look for exclusives! At GameStop, find the Neighbor with axe and rope.

The Neighbor with milk and cookies, and the Neighbor with glue can be found at Walmart.

Look for the Neighbor with apron and cleaver at FYE!

A black and white version of the Neighbor, and Neighbor Pumpkinhead
can be found at Barnes & Noble.

Hello Neighbor Releases December 8, 2017 for PC and Xbox One!
More information on Hello Neighbor here!

Coming in December!


  1. Another over saturated pop this game isn’t even out yet why would Funko make a million variant of one pop.

  2. They understand the business more than you I’m guessing. Just won’t make a tone of each. And with store exclusives, they get paid up front from those retailers.

  3. Actually, the game is out and has been for years thanks to an early release version, 4 different alphas, and a beta. Let’s Players have been uploading videos of them all that time, and it’s one of the most popular indie games thanks to all those hundreds/thousands of videos on YouTube.

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