Coming Soon! Cuphead Vinyl Figures!

The run and gun platform side scrolling  video game Cuphead is now available exclusively on console  for Xbox One, as well as Windows 10 PC, Steam and GOG, and Funko is excited to introduce Cuphead Vinyl figures too!

Vinyl Figure: Cuphead

This series features Cuphead and Mugman  as they battle to repay debts to the Devil!
Each figure stands roughly 4” tall! The Devil is featured as a 6″ collectable Vinyl figure.

Coming November!

Vinyl Figure: Cuphead- Cuphead & Mugman (B&W)

Here’s our last exclusive for NYCC 2017! A 2-Pack of Cuphead and Mugman, featured in black and white!


  1. I think they look cool, and while I’m a POP fan, I also wouldn’t mind seeing more figures in this sort of format.

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