Flashback Friday – Rocket – Guardians of the Galaxy

Welcome to Flashback Friday where I discuss pops from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Anything pop related to the MCU is up for discussion including films and television series. Let’s jump right in with this week’s discussion which was chosen by me since we didn’t have any correct answers submitted from last week’s trivia questions. The Guardians return this week with Rocket Raccoon who has become an extremely popular character.

48- Ravagers Rocket Raccoon (PX)

Discussion: When Marvel Studios announced that Guardians of the Galaxy was joining the MCU I didn’t have a clue about any of the characters or the history of the comics. The only thing I gathered was that it would be taking place in the cosmos because “Galaxy” was in the title. Bradley Cooper got locked into the role of Rocket which I thought was pretty cool. I was pretty surprised that in the film Rocket sounded nothing like the normal Bradley Cooper voice I was expecting. Rocket is a really cool character because he looks like an underdog but once you become familiar with the character you realize he’s smart, funny, feisty, grumpy, and very arrogant. His background which is touched on briefly in the first film and a bit more in the second film makes him very relatable to a lot of people.


I’m a big fan of the Guardians films and because of this I went a little crazy trying to get all of the GotG pops upon release. I definitely got a decent chunk of them but there were so many variants and exclusives I couldn’t keep up. However, I did manage to get a hold of the Ravagers Rocket which is pictured above as a birthday gift. Thankfully, my family purchased it on eBay for right around retail price so I was stoked. It was later on that I found out Rocket was a Previews exclusive and he might be a little hard to add to my collection. I think I stumbled upon him at an FYE in the summer of 2015 but I already had mine at the time so I wanted to make sure others were also able to add him to their collections.


Surprisingly, the value of Ravagers Rocket seems to have decreased over the years. I suppose there’s more popular versions of him out there especially with the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. He’s still a great looking version to me and I’d recommend adding him to your collection while the price is reasonable. Anything under $10.00 is a steal and you should definitely check out our Facebook group for all of your collection needs. Make sure to check out the trivia questions below for a chance to select next week’s featured pop.

Trivia: Welcome to the trivia section. Be the first to comment with the correct answers to both questions and you get to choose next week’s pop. This week’s questions will come from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Q1: Which popular line towards the end of the film said by Rocket was improvised by Sean Gunn who was doing the motion capture for the character?

Q2: Which actor did Bradley Cooper say influenced the voice of Rocket?

I hope you enjoyed this week’s article. Please check back next week for a brand new Flashback Friday and as always Excelsior!


  1. Q1: “Well now I’m standing. Happy? We’re all standing now. Bunch of jackasses, standing in a circle.”
    Q2: Joe Pesci

  2. @Joshua, you have the correct answers to both questions. Congratulations! Please select an MCU pop that has not been featured in this series yet.

  3. Thank you! Please do either Pop Ride Ant-Man and Ant-Thony or The Winter Soldier.

    Thanks for the fun trivia!

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