TITAN Merchandise Introduces Doctor Who Kawaii TITANS!

TITAN Merchandise made a surprise announcement last week when they introduced a brand new line to their vinyl figure catalogue, Doctor Who Kawaii TITANS.

“Times change… and so must I!” The Time Lords are regenerating from an all-new dimension never seen before… the Kawaii TITANS dimension! Titan Entertainment is super-excited to debut all twelve Doctors in a our all-new Kawaii TITANS format, designed by legendary Titan Comics Doctor Who cover artist Kelly Yates! Adored for their differences as much as their shared sense of adventure, this collection is a brand-new homage to everything that makes our favourite Rebel Time Lords so eternally popular! Bringing together all iterations of the Doctor across five decades, this all-new Kawaii TITANS collection vinyl collection is just what the Doctor(s) ordered! Each figure is 3″ blind-boxed and some come with a character-specific accessory. PLUS: 4 hidden chase figures for you to hunt and collect (don’t worry, completists – no-one’s missing from this set)! PLUS PLUS: one super-rare chase figure and one ultra-rare chase figure for you to hunt and collect – IF you can find them!

It is important to note that these new figures will not be replacing the design that collectors have come to know and love from TITAN Merchandise, instead, this is considered a “spin off”. It will be interesting to see how these are received!

You can pre-order the Doctor Who Kawaii TITANS at Entertainment Earth and Forbidden Planet.