Review: Balrog Pop! Vinyl

After years of begging, Funko finally gifted its customers with Lord of the Rings Pop! Vinyls.  Towering an extra 2.25 inches over the lowly wizards and hobbits is the fearsome Balrog  figure, which I picked up today.

The most striking thing about this figure is the flame effects, which are pulled off really well.  The gradient in the mouth looks very convincing in person and the transparent pieces (whip and mohawk) are not cheap-looking at all, but add some nice color to the figure.  The mold is also impressively detailed, with texturing on the horns and limbs; as well as the tail adding stability against the heavy headpiece.  I would recommend clearing a lot of space to accommodate the Balrog’s large wingspan, but this is unquestionably the best entry in the LotR line so far.  A GITD version of the Balrog will also be available at New York Comic Con in a few weeks.

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