1. I would hate for these to be the ONLY anime pops, well actually ONLY 1: Sailor V @ NYCC 2017… That would be EXTREMELY Dissapointing

  2. Ever since My Hero Academia, they’ve been Largely Neglecting Anime pops. That a Very poor choice since Anime pops Sell So Well. Anime has a very Niche Fanbase and fans Gobble up Anime Merchandise which makes it’s way to the States. They NEED to put out @ Least : 1.) One Piece Wave 2, 2.) Dragon Ball Wave 3 &/or 4, 3.) Fullmetal Alchemist , 4.) Naruto Wave 3, & 5.) Bleach Wave 2 in the forseeable future imo. All 5 of those Franchises have HUGE Fandoms & would be a Guaranteed Sell for Funko

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