Funko at NYCC Reveals More Gaming Pops!

Funko’s latest reveal is “Video Game” themed. In an interesting choice, most are 8 bit designs. Many are limited as well. Check them out below:

First we get an 8-Bit Dig Dug from the classic 80s video game. Very good choice for a 8 bit design. Dig Dug hasn’t looked better.


I have zero interest in Five Guys and Friday’s so I don’t know much about this, but I have friends who will be excited with ┬áLOLBit

Now back to the 8 bit designs which all have a TMNT theme. Based on the old Nintendo game I can only assume! The foot soldiers are all LE 500 so don’t expect to find them outside of NYCC. (But I could be wrong).

Thankfully, my favorite design is Shredder and will be a shared exclusive most likely.


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