Funko Brings the Television Line To NYCC

Funko surprised me today with yet another NYCC reveal. After first thinking I could slack until next week, now I am quickly updating today’s announcement of Television exclusives.

I’m not even gonna lie. The Doctor Who announcement got me shook. I’m so excited. Check out all below:

Doctor Who: First Doctor

Westworld: Dolores

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Buffy & Faith

Trollhunters: Stone Aaarrgghh!!!

Trollhunters: Jim with Armor

Land of the Lost: Sleestak

Land of the Lost: Enik

The Walking Dead: Burned Dwight

Stranger Things: Eleven with Electrodes

Stranger Things Action Figures Set


  1. As far as SDCC goes I didn’t have very high expectations, but the 1 pop that caught my eye was the Elder Scrolls: Dwarven Colossus, which I was lucky enough to find at my Gamespot. I’ve Never been huge on SDCC because NYCC is were originals are released while SDCC is filled with many variants. However, even though SDCC 17′ was hugely lacking, their DC section was filled with amazing pops, almost ALL DC pops. I remember NYCC 16′ last year was Great, their SS Trunks was SICK, I got it at Gamestop on Day 1, & I to this day consider it my Top 5 in favorites. This Year, the only Pop I’m interested in so far is the 8-Bit Batman for originallity & being Peculiar, but nothing else so far.

  2. I feel as though Funko has been HUGELY Neglecting it’s Anime/Manga Pops recently. Not a single Anime/Manga Pop @ SDCC… I really hope they compensate @ This Year’s NYCC. Last year, their SS Trunks from DB/Z was Great!! There are so much Anime/Manga pops people in our community have been waiting for which havent ever came out yet. These would be My Personal Inst-Buy, Must-Have pops from Anime:
    1.) Broly
    2.) SS Beyond Goku
    3.) Tsuna – X-Burner Attack (Hitman Reborn!)
    4.) Yusei Fudo
    5.) Naruto Kurama Sage Mode Special Attack
    6.) Sabo
    7.) Zoro
    8.) Nami
    9.) Sanji
    10.) Shanks
    11.) Mihawk
    12.) Madara Uchiha
    13.) 1st Hokage Senju
    14.) 4th Hokage Minato (Naruto’s Dad)
    15.) Renji Abarai
    16.) Super Shenron
    17.) Adult 7th Hokage Naruto & Adult Sasanoo’o Sasuke
    18.) Byakuya Kuchiki
    19.) Gear 4th Luffy
    20.) Eustass Kidd

  3. First Doctor and the Buffy two pack are must haves. Plus Sleestak looks great. I think NYCC is gonna kill me even more than SDCC.

  4. I want The First Doctor! This is two Doctor Who exclusives in a row. I remember reading somewhere that Doctor Who sales, at least for classic characters, weren’t going so well. I wonder if this is how we will have to get them from now on. It would be cool to see more of the original doctors. Of course, if the next Doctor is popular we will likely see another wave of regular releases based on her.

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