Funko Fans Check Out the Covetly App!

We would like to introduce you to the Covetly App. Covetly is one of our partners and their team has created an awesome app to track and appraise your Funko collection. They also have other categories, such as Dorbz, amiibo, Skylanders, Tokidoki, and more. In this article we’ll review the app and it’s main features.

Home Screen

The home screen has a very simple layout. Two buttons (Check Prices & Add to Collection) on the top and a gallery of user photos.


The Check Prices button takes you to a category screen where you can look at recent transactions to get an idea of the value of your items.


The “+ Collection” button takes you to a similar category screen where you can quickly upload items into your collection.

The User Photos section is pretty neat. You can see pictures from all of the world. Below each photo there is a image credit if you’d like to explore that person’s other photos. If you would like your photos featured in the app, contact them here.


The things we love most about the app is the way it’s organized. Everything is easy to find. A few searches.


The magnifying glass icon in the toolbar takes you to the “Search Prices” section shown in the screenshots above. Type in what you are looking for in the search bar, or tap through the categories to manually search. Important Tip: To do a filtered search by sub-category, tap through to that category FIRST and then type in the search bar. In the example above you see that the search bar changes to tell you which subcategory you are searching within.


This section can also be reach by tapping the “Search Prices” button on the homescreen.

Add to Collection

The Add to Collection section is similar to the Check Prices section. When you get to the item view, you can tap anything and it will instantly be added to your collection. See the example above where the Batgirl and Batmans have been added to our collection (indicated by the green border and checkmark).

Price Alerts

One feature to note is the price alert feature. Basically, enter whatever price you are willing to pay for the item. When it’s available you will receive a link to purchase at that price. Notifications are sent via email and/or push notification. In the example above we set a price alert for $33 for the Shenron. When you set the alert, you also hold your place in line. Meaning we get the first Shenron that is found at $33! If you’d like to receive notification as soon as the item is available to purchase, add it to you want list.


Availability & Feedback

The Covetly iOS app is available for download here.

For those of you on Android, you can sign up for the Covetly Google Play app here (end of 2017 release). For Android users there is also a web-product that is continuously being updated here.

Have any ideas for new features? See something out of place? Constructive criticism? Want to help build a new category. Send them your thoughts here. The Covetly team has always been extremely responsive.