Sneak Peek at TITAN Merchandise – Archer Collection Super and Ultra Rares

We are just a couple of months away from the release of the TITAN Merchandise Archer Collection and knowing that, Hot Topic and Andrew Sumner took to Periscope last night for an unboxing of this highly anticipated collection. You can watch the video here.

Not only did we get a ratio break down, but we also got to see the first “Super Rare” and “Ultra Rare” figures that TITAN has been teasing for a couple of new collections. For the Archer Collection, the “Super Rare” will be a Silver Archer (which is 1/288 figures – or one in every 4th display case) and the “Ultra Rare” is a Gold Archer (1/576 – or one in every 16th display case). Images of each are below!

Super Rare and Ultra Rare figures
Super Rare Silver Archer (1/288)
Ultra Rare Gold Archer (1/576)

As for the rest of the set? Here is the line up and ratios:

The Archer Collection Ratio
Archer 2/18
Lana 2/18
Mallory 2/18
Stealth Archer 2/18
Pam 1/18
Cyril 1/18
Ray 1/18
Cheryl 1/18
Krieger 1/18
Woodhouse 1/18
Barry 1/18
Katya 1/18
Archer (Bob’s Burger outfit) 1/36
Lana (Purple Dress) 1/36
Cyborg Reveal Barry 1/36
Fight Club Pam 1/36

Remember! You can preorder The Archer Collection on Forbidden Planet in the UK, Entertainment Earth here in the US and PopCultcha in Australia!

The Archer Collection – Forbidden Planet

The Archer Collection – Entertainment Earth

The Archer Collection – PopCultcha