Star Wars Mystery Minis Take On The Exclusives Galaxy

Previously, we discussed the release of Star Wars Mystery minis.  The set will be a top seller on that news alone. Now, however, Funko and Star Wars have turned up the hype with the announcement of store exclusive cases.

Star Wars Mystery Minis will have exclusive cases to Hot Topic, Gamestop and Walmart With each set, certain minis will only be found at each store. Check out the photos below to see the sore exclusives.

Hot Topic



They should show up in stores this month.

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  1. Maybe we should get a Barnes and Noble exclusive with R2-D2, Holographic Princess Leia and Unhooded Obi-Wan Kenobi and a Target exclusive with a Sandtrooper, Holographic Darth Vader and X-Wing Pilot Luke Skywalker!

    Here’s a list of figures that can be in exclusive boxes!

    – R2-D2
    – X-Wing Pilot Luke Skywalker
    – Ceremonial Luke Skywalker
    – Ceremonial Han Solo
    – Ceremonial Princess Leia
    – Holographic Princess Leia
    – Holographic Darth Vader
    – Sandtrooper
    – Biggs Darklighter
    – Wedge Antilles
    – Gold Leader Y-Wing Pilot
    – Rebel Trooper
    – R5-D4
    – Cantina Band Member

    There should also be more STAR WARS Mystery Minis sets and a STAR WARS Pint-Sized Heroes set!

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