Funko Heads Back to Hogwarts

Harry Potter is quickly becoming a gravy train for Funko and it comes as no surprise that Funko will release the 4th wave from Hogwarts this fall.

Besides Harry with the Marauders Map, Ron with Scabbers, and Hermione in her Prisoner of Azkhaban gear, Funko will also release great looking characters such as Lupin, Luna with Lion gear, and Peter Pettigrew. Funko will also release a Ginny Weasley but there is only so much you can do to make such a bland character interesting.  You can preorder these by clicking here OR the photos above.



  1. it’s just getting annoying now. I understand that you’re not that a big fan of Ginny, neither am I, but you don’t have to point it out every single time something concerning her comes up. Just let people like her and stop pointing out that she’s a bland character every single time

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