Links to Funko SDCC Shared Exclusives Online

Funko has confirmed the entire list of SHARED EXCLUSIVES and what stores will sell them. You can see these items HERE.  In addtion most of these can be found online at their respective stores and

We will add links  to Funko SDCC shared exclusives online, as they are discovered.  THEY WILL NOT BE LIVE UNTIL THURSDAY JULY 20th. These links will appear to be broken until sometime tomorrow. It could be 12:01 eastern, 1am est, 3am, 4am.. There is no set time. For the quickest updates, you should follow us on Twitter @PopVinyls. I will send updates via the twitter account first when we find items live.


Clara from Doctor Who

Dean with Baby

Fantastic Beasts Occamy

Jumpscare Foxy

Luna Lovegood

Nega Scott Pilgrim with Sword

Neon Pink Marvin LE 2500

Selfie Gwenpool

South Park Coon

Steve from Stranger Things

T-Dog (Walking Dead)

VNYL figures (Batgirl/Poison Ivy) 

Yosemite Sam and Bugs Dorbz 2 Pack


Aladdin Dorbz Carpet Ride

Blue Scooby Doo

The Mountain

Twin Peaks 2 Pack (Agent Cooper/Laura Palmer)


Masked Elliott


Supreme Leader Snoke       (HE IS LIVE AS OF 8:10p EST)

Hei Hei       

UPDATE: If you don’t have an Ipad use this link


Scare Glow

LOTR 2 Pack

Harry Potter w/Broom



Star Wars Combat Assault Tank Trooper


Jumpscare Baby 

Baxter Stockman


Red She Hulk

“Bucky” Captain America


Wonder Twins 2 Pack

Chip and Dale 2 Pack

Wilma Flintstone Rock Candy  

Betty Rubble Rock Candy

Toys R Us LIVE!

Ares LIVE!

Tinkles and Ghost in a Jar LIVE!

X-Man X23       LIVE!

Scott Pilgrim w/ Plum Tree       LIVE!

Wonder Woman Ares Dorbz 2 Pack LIVE!


Gamestop SDCC Exclusive Home Page

Entertainment Earth – LIVE!

Nightwing/Deathstroke 2 Pack


Overwatch: Carbon Figer D.VA w/ Meka


Bodhi Rook

Intergalactic Batman

Robotic Doctor Ford


These items will pop up on sporadically over SDCC. Keep the site bookmarked and check it frequently!

Ren and Stimpy 2 Pack SOLD OUT
Scott Pilgrim w/ Sword of Destiny SOLD OUT!
Roxy Richter SOLD OUT
Sike-O-Shriner SOLD OUT
Rock Candy She-Ra
Rock Candy Ramona Flowers SOLD OUT
Red Batmobile w/ Batman action figure
Flocked Panthor and Skeletor Dorbz
Stupor Daffy Duck  SOLD OUT
Jetsons Rosie 3 Pack SOLD OUT
6″ Big Gruesome  SOLD OUT
Huckleberry Hound 8 Pack
Rufus Ruffcut Dorbz Ride SOLD OUT
Peter Perfect Pop Ride SOLD OUT
Rock Candy Judy Jetsons SOLD OUT
Marvin the Martian Tee SOLD OUT
Huck Hound Tee SOLD OUT
Scooby Tee SOLD OUT


More to come!







  1. I went to toys r us today and they said they had them in the back and for me to come tomorrow I really hope they don’t screw this up

  2. There’s just something weird going on with Toys’R’Us. Most links don’t work for me and while my friend can find the products she can’t put them in the cart. It takes her back to the main page. Whereas I can put products in the cart but it won’t let me find most of them. When she sends me the links, they don’t work. It’s so infuriating. About to chalk it up as a lost cause.

  3. not during SDCC and no guarantee that any will available to general public. They made a promise to their customers they screwed over at NYCC

  4. Barnes & Noble now shows the LOTR set to be sold out, even though the web site has been down since the listing stated they were available.

  5. I just want the Megazord. The rest of the pops dont appeal but naturally gonna get nothing other than via scalpers bleh

  6. B&N was a nightmare. I had everything in cart and they took my card and then cancelled the order on me.

  7. Anyone have luck with the Star Wars Tank Trooper from Walmart? I never saw the Walmart site update from “not available” and I’ve been watching it like a creeper and I don’t even see many on ebay. Did the supply truck get lost??

  8. Baltar… I can’t be more grateful for this site. Because of all the links and updates I was able to get the 16 of 16 Pops I wanted with little hassle. Very much appreciated buddy!! Keep up the great work 😊

  9. Thanks so much for this site being a kid collector this makes my life a whole lot easier I was able to get all the pops I wanted except tigger the news as well is very helpful

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