Marvel, Disney, and DC Blindbag Keychains Coming in September.

Funko just sent out a press release in regards to blindbag keychains which is a great idea if you ask me. Read below for more information.

Pop! Keychain Blindbags

Funko is excited to announce you can now collect Pop! Keychains
in a new and exciting way – introducing Pop! Keychain Blindbags!

Pop! Keychains are your favorite Pop! figures, but miniaturized down
to a smaller size that’s just right for taking your favorite character
with you wherever you go. But now you’ll be able to enjoy the fun of
chasing your collection as each figure comes packaged in a mystery blindbag.

You never know which Pop! Keychain you’re going to find!

The introductory series includes Marvel, Disney, and DC fan favorites,
including characters who are making their Pop! Keychain debut.

Standing 1 ½ inches tall these Pop! Keychains
are sure to brighten up your keys.

Collect them all this Fall!

Pop! Keychain Blindbag: Marvel

With the exception of Spider Gwen, our Marvel series
introduces all new characters to Pop! Keychains!

You can find Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk,
Luke Cage, Daredevil, and many more!

Coming in September!

Pop! Keychain Blindbag: Disney

The wonderful world of Disney brings you
even more great characters in Pop! Keychain form.

Look for Tinkerbell, Stitch, Wall-E, Maleficent,
Jack and Sally and many more!

Coming in September!

Pop! Keychain Blindbags: DC

This series features DC characters from Batman: The Animated
Series, which includes Catwoman, Robot Batman, Harley Quinn,
Batgirl, Bane and many more!

Unwrap the mystery by starting your blindbag
Pop! Keychain collection this Fall!


  1. Hmmmm… that Thor is interesting… It’s the only one without a Pop version. I wonder what that means considering the next MCC theme…

  2. What a disappointing selection of Marvel characters. Haven’t most of them already been pop keychains?

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