Review: Eowyn Rock Candy

After years of keeping us waiting, Funko has finally released one of the most anticipated new lines of products: Lord of the Rings!  Not only are some great new Pops being released, but we’re getting two Rock Candy figures as well, and here is the review on the woman who set the bar high for warrior princess characters everywhere: Eowyn!

From the moment I saw the initial glam shots of this figure online, I knew that I would end up purchasing it.  The design is really faithful to the movie, with film-accurate detailing on the armor that I didn’t think I would find on such a small, low-priced figure.  Even the hilt of her sword looks like it was peeled straight off the screen.  The patterns on the sword belt and leather vest are particularly impressive.  I know some people, including myself, who get annoyed by the large amount of space that the round, clear Rock Candy bases can take up, but this one stands perfectly stable without the aid of the base; it probably takes up even less surface space than a Pop since it doesn’t have the giant chibi head.  Overall, this is a great kickoff to a line which I’m sure I’ll be hunting down extensively, and it would make a great gift for any Tolkein fan or Rohanian horselord you may know.