TITAN Merchandise Announces SDCC 2017 Figures

With San Diego Comic Con 2017 right around the corner, TITAN Merchandise announced their “First to Market” and “Exclusive” figures. Check them out below!

Inspired by the 3″ ‘Closing Time’ 11th Doctor from Fan Expo 2015, TITAN Merchandise brings us the 4.5″ version!

TITAN Merchandise was able to go back in time and get Van Gogh to personally paint this 4.5″ TARDIS from The Pandorica Opens! Ok, well, maybe not, but we still think this is¬†gorgeous!

Ready for a night on the town, 4.5″ Steven Universe is looking dapper in a tuxedo! He will look great next to the 3″ and 6.5″ versions of himself!

After a long night rocking the tuxedo, Steven has switched into his jammies. This 3″ pajamas Steven will be perfect right next to your bed!

We are EXCITED to see what could be the start of an amazing collection in the near future! Not only does this 4.5″ Translucent Night King look great, but also hints at a Game of Thrones collection!

Start to become the Mother (or Father for the fellas out there) of Dragons by getting your hands on this 4.5″ Glow-In-Dark Drogon! Imagine how cool he will look glowing in the dark!

While TITAN Merchandise has not announced their booth number yet, you will WANT to make sure you stop by their booth right away since these figures are guaranteed to fly off of their shelves! We can not wait to get our hands on these figures in July!

Out of the six of these, which one is your “must have”? Let us know in the comments!