Our First Look at the SDCC 2017 Conan O’Brien Funko Pop Vinyls

Thanks to a friend out in California, we have our first look at the four Conan O’Brien Pop Vinyls that will be given out at Conan’s SDCC tapings.

From the picture, it seems we will get Spider-man Conan, Jedi Conan, Flash Conan, and White Walker Conan. If you are new to the world of Funko, let me explain. For the past few years, Conan O’Brien has scheduled tapings of his talk show during SDCC week. Each taping he would give out a specific Pop Vinyl that is a mix of himself and a popular character. If you would like to see previous Conan Pop Vinyls, click HERE.

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  1. This is a really cool group of Conan Pops. If I could get my hands on any of them it would be White Walker and Spider-Man.

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