The Latest Funko at SDCC Wave Takes on the Boob Tube

The sixth Funko at SDCC wave is here with a Television theme. Check out these Pops that will be available at the Funko SDCC booth and in many shared locations.

Pop! Television: Twin Peaks – Black Lodge Cooper & Laura 2-pack

Pop! Television: Mr. Robot – Masked Elliot Alderson

Pop! Television: The Walking Dead – T-Dog

Pop! Television: Doctor Who – Clara

Pop! Television: The Tick –The Tick (Glow-in-the-Dark)

Pop! Television: Stranger Things – Steve

Pop! Television: Stranger Things – Mr. Clarke

Now I’m sure everyone has their favorites from above but for me, I’m very excited about adding Clara to my Doctor Who collection. Which ones are your favorites from today’s announcement?


  1. I wanna see more Stranger Things POP! vinyls and some Halloween costumes for the new Netflix show Stranger Things!


    1. I’m annoyed that we still don’t have all the main characters in pop form. We still need Hopper, Jonathan, Nancy, and maybe (lookin’ at you Funko) a non-exclusive Steve. Despite that we get Mr. Clarke…

  2. I wanna see more SDCC exclusives for TV cartoons like Adventure Time, Steven Universe, The PowerPuff Girls, Ben 10, Samurai Jack, Rick and Morty, etc.!

    1. I wanna see POP! vinyls from the classic animated TV series of The Tick! I wanna see both a regular version of The Tick and a glow-in-the-dark version of The Tick that’ll be a Target exclusive!

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