Check out the Cars 3 Toys R Us Exclusive Lightning McQueen

I just got back from watching Cars 3 and I must admit, it was pretty good. Maybe not as good as the first one but far superior to the atrocity that was Cars 2. Funko wisely decided to create Pops from Cars 3 and Toys R Us is getting an exclusive that might be considered tad spoilery to those who hate hearing ANY information before seeing a movie.  So if you are one of those people, get out of here now.



Still here? At the end of the movie, Lightning McQueen gets a special paint job to pay homage to his late mentor Doc Hudson who was also known as the Fabulous Hudson Hornet. In this scene, Lightning is now a dark blue with the words “Fabulous Lightning McQueen” on his side. You can get this Pop version at Toys R Us. Check it out!

I really loved all the Doc Hudson emotion in this film so I’ll be adding this one to my collection as soon as I can find it. What about you, Cars fans?


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