Join the Black Parade with TITAN Merchandise My Chemical Romance Collection!

Just announced by our good friends over at TITAN Merchandise, the My Chemical Romance collection!

“Defiant to the end, we hear the call!”

Titan Merchandise are supremely excited to announce our just-approved range of 3″ blind-boxed My Chemical Romance TITANS, featuring each member of the band in their different incarnations from each key MCR album!

The core TITANS set features all five members of the greatest band of the 21st Century – from their legendary Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge and Black Parade line-ups, alongside their epic four-piece line up from Danger Days. We’

This will be the third music inspired set of figures from TITAN Merchandise (The Beatles being the first and the newly announced The Monkees as the second).

We are eager to see this collection out in stores! How about you?