Funko’s SDCC Reveals Continue With a Trip to the DC Universe

Funko’s 5th wave of SDCC exclusives makes a trip to the DC Universe. Here’s what Funko just revealed:


  1. Most of the SDCC exclusives this year haven’t caught my attention, but that Man-Bat is really nice. Hoping I can get my hands on that one.

  2. Man Bat and the WT’s. That’s it – I wish that Nightwing dorb was a pop vinyl. Usually if it’s a dorb, it’s only a matter of time before it becomes a pop. Still waiting for that Scarlet Witch dorb to become a pop haha.

  3. I was pretty excited when Star Wars was announced, but now I know, my money will be gone. Take it…Take it now, Funko.

  4. Up until now I wasn’t that concerned with having this year’s exclusives. Now I really want some of the batman ones! I even want to take off work for shared exclusives!! What’s happening to me??!!

  5. Wow this is 10x Better than Marvel!! The Ares looks Great, well in line with my “Dark Lords” pops which are 1.) Daedric Warrior, 2.) Eredin, & 3.) Sauron!! Also the3 Batmans look sick. Interplanetary Batman is Original cause it’s the 1st BM with a see-thru helmet. The Blue Chrome Batman looks beyond metallic going to blue Candy Paint Status. The BM/Joker is a Great Hybrid. DC in General has been getting more love than Marvel. The Latest DC LoC Figure is the #1 most-wanted figure in the Past year!! But I truly hope that All of these get localized, including the Blue Chrome Batman.

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