Alien Covenant A-Box Review *Spoilers*

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS.

This past weekend, I received in the mail a special edition box from a new subscription box company called A-Box. In addition to the subscription box service, which I will talk about briefly later on, A-Box will be teaming up with franchises from film, television, video games, and more to bring you one-off boxes. These boxes are for individual purchase and not part of the monthly subscription service. Today, here is a look at the special edition Alien Covenant A-Box. Check out the review video and then join me below for more pics and information.

So, for the price of $55 plus shipping (limited to continental US and the UK at this time), you get five themed collectibles from the movie Alien Covenant. A-Box partnered directly with Twentieth Century Fox in curating this box, with A-Box licensing and manufacturing each item. Let’s take a closer look:

Face Hugger T-Shirt

USCSS Covenant Ballcap

Face Hugger Bottle Opener Keychain

Alien Covenant Pin Set

Face Hugger 1:1 Full Sized Replica

Overall, for $55 plus shipping, this is a very awesome box. The replica face hugger alone makes the value worth it. I am going to have a lot of fun freaking people out with the face hugger.

Want to purchase the Alien Covenant A-Box? Deadline is THIS FRIDAY, June 16th, so you better get to it. You can purchase the box, which will ship the end of the month, over at A-Box’s website. 

In addition to purchasing the Alien Covenant A-Box, you can also subscribe for their monthly subscription service. Each month costs between $26 and $29 per month, depending on the length of plan you purchase. The first month is themed “Vs.”, and will include a t-shirt, two Marvel-branded items, and other cool collectibles.

You can subscribe to A-Box’s monthly subscription service here.


What do you think of the Alien Covenant A-Box? Will you be ordering it? Let us know in the comments below.