What New Lines Are Coming to Funko Pop Vinyls? Check Out Our News Roundup!

Today we want to share some of the latest news coming from the World of Funko. We’ll cover stuff from the latest Funko Funkast and other news sources.

  • First let’s go over the 25th episode of the Funko Funkast. Funko CEO Brian Mariotti covered a lot of details such as: the hopes still of acquiring difficult licenses such as Nintendo and Pokemon. Brian also mentioned that a license that is very special to Mariotti will be announced at Fundays. ย He also mentioned that a new special series of Funko original characters.
  • Gamestop is getting a Hot Ryu and Violent Ken two packAlso we have learned that we’re getting the following:
  • From Home Alone, you will get Harry, Kevin, and Marv.
  • From Jumanji we will get Dr. Smolder and Professor Shelly Oberon.
  • From Masters of the Universe, we are getting Stratos, Battle Armor He-man w/ Damaged Armor Chase, Battle Armor Skeletor w/ Damaged Armor Chase, Merman, ย Beast Man, Evelyn, and Orco.
  • From Stranger Things, Max with skateboard and Joyce.
  • From Elf, we’re getting Buddy, Jovie in elf outfit, and Papa elf.
  • From Hellboy: Abe Sapian, Hellboy w/Jacket no horns, Nimue, and Rasputin
  • Marvel vs Capcom 2 Packs
  • From Mortal Kombat: Kitana, Liu, Raiden, Scorpion, and Subzero.
  • From Disney: Evil Queen, Grumpy, Happy, Bashful, Dopey, Doc Sleepy, Sneezy and Snow White.



  1. Maaaaan this is awesome news…

    I really hope they can acquire a Nintendo license. I’d love to see waves of Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, Legend Of Zelda, Metroid, Kirby and even Pokemon (while I don’t personally care for it – I know it would say like crazy).

    As far as the confirmed items on this list, I’m hype for the Ryu and Ken combo pack. I’m hoping Hot Ryu was a typo, and they meant Evil Ryu. Why throw Hot Ryu (a pop we already have) w/Violent Ken? Makes no sense to me, but I’d get it just for Violent Ken.

    Also hype for Mortal Kombat pops. Another long overdue pop wave that should’ve been hit us. Hoping we get Jax from MK3 in there (since that’s when he got his metal arms). But I’m diggin’ the characters announced thus far. I will have them all!

    MvC line is fantastic. Hoping to at least see Strider Hiryu thrown in there somewhere. I’ll be pretty upset if they just take characters we already have from both parties, and just bunch them together – like putting the old Ryu and Captain America pops together – that’ll be pretty lazy! I want to see characters that haven’t been molded yet…

    Rogue x Morrigan
    Gambit x Strider
    Nova x Mega Man X

    Something to that effect…but either way, I’m happy ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Excited for those Masters of the Universe announcements! I’m especially looking forward to Mer-Man and Orko! I must admit I’m surprised that Teela and/or another She-Ra character wasn’t mentioned; perhaps later! I’m glad Funko is feeling the Power of Grayskull!

  3. Will Funko be making anyone Sailor Moon Pops? I have all of them that have been released so far, would like Pops of Chibi Moon/ USA, Sailor Guardians from the outer planets, Princess Serenity, Diana. , Etc.

    1. There’s SO much potential with the Sailor Moon pops, I wish they’d just kind of go nuts! Human Luna, casual clothes senshi, Sailor V/Sailor V Moon… argh ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Will Funko be making anymore Anime Souleater Pops I really would like a Death the Kid, and some of the other characters from the series/manga.

  5. These all sound great, and I do hope they’re able to get the license to Pokemon and some other Nintendo titles someday. I’d love to see some Mario and Legend of Zelda POPS get made.

  6. I wanna see more Adventure Time POP! vinyl figures like Classic Marceline the Vampire Queen with her axe bass!

  7. “From Stranger Things, Max with skateboard and Joyce.” – We already have Joyce from Stranger Things. Is that supposed to Nancy, maybe?

  8. This is All NEW STUFF!! I’m guessing that we’ll get Glamshots of these as the Next 9 Days of Waves are Revealed, Right? I’m really hoping this isn’t All of which is to be Revealed, but I’m definately Fired Upped for the Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Packs & the Mortal Kombat Line. Can’t Wait for the Reveals!!

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