Parks and Recreation Pop Vinyls…Finally!

We first heard word of Parks and Recreation Pop Vinyls earlier this year, but finally, we get to see them.  Funko released the following information and glam shots earlier today:

NBC’s hit sitcom Parks and Recreationis now joining the Funko family. The town of Pawnee would not be the same without these lovable characters and their absurd antics. Now they can be yours! Featuring the government-hating Ron Swanson, the over-achiever Leslie Knope, shoe-shiner Andy Dwyer,Pawnee’s famous miniature horse Li’l Sebastian,and the dry, sarcastic April Ludgate.

You can preorder these now by clicking HERE and you don’t pay until they ship!

The town of Pawnee would not be safe without Bert Macklin! Find him exclusively at Hot Topic!

Coming in July!


    1. Three options: 1) saving for series 2 because you need a popular figure to headline series 2 2) He’s an exclusive they aren’t ready to reveal…like at SDCC or 3) couldn’t get approval for him. In no universe do I think Funko would choose not to make it if allowed.

      1. Li’l Sebastian would make a lot more sense as an exclusive, honestly.

        Other than Tom, it’s still missing Ann, Ben, Chris, Donna and Jerry.

        With those, you already have a series 2.

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