SDCC 2017 Funko Exclusives Wave 1- Star Wars!

Today Funko started their highly anticipated reveals of San Diego Comic Con items, and kicked off with a selection of Star Wars Pop! Vinyls. Let’s check them out.

Funko’s first round of exclusives for San Diego Comic Con 2017 come from a galaxy far, far away!

From recent fan favorites Bodhi Rook, Combat Assault Tank Trooper, and 6-inch holographic Snoke to the timeless pairing of R2-D2 with holographic Princess Leia, these figures are essential for every Star Wars fan!

Check back soon for our next reveal!

Most of our SDCC exclusives will be shared! Details to be announced the week of SDCC.

To be honest, I am surprised that Star Wars is appearing in exclusive form at SDCC, given that Disney’s big convention D23 Expo happens the week prior to SDCC. However, that Holographic Leia and R2-D2 2pk is a must have for me.

What are your thoughts on theseĀ Star Wars exclusives? Let us know below.


  1. I know others have mentioned it but will Holo Leia glow (since it’s a moral imperative)? Yes, it is a leading question. Here’s hoping…

  2. whew, when i saw SDCC star wars exclusive i thought it going to be one of my favorite characters! thank god.

  3. I just started crying…
    A 6 inch Holographic Snoke, a 2 pack holographic Leia and R2-D2, and what’s coming next…?
    I’m throwing my arms and hands up in defeat.
    Looks like Funko at 2017 SDCC is stepping up their game of POP!
    I think I’m going to find solace and happiness in the pops I have and not get caught up in limited editions, glow in the dark, exclusives, flocked, gold, chase, and metallic pops.
    Whatever 2017 SDCC pops happen to come my way that’s good enough for me!

  4. I’m pretty sure we’ll see a regular version of Bodhi in retail stores. Probably the tank commander too. Snoke and the 2-pack might be the ones that are hard to get.

  5. Was hoping for something cool like a Jedi Spirit three pack to get a correct spirit Yoda. If i come across a 2 pack will snag. Pass on the rest , Money Grab One and Episode 7 barely exist to me.

    1. If by “Money Grab One” you mean “the best of the eight movies,” then you’re correct. Don’t be blinded by nostalgia, my man–that’s some Sith-type sh*t.

    1. Most SDCC exclusives will be shared, meaning they will have US retailers that will get them in in limited quantities. Some, though, will be exclusive to the show floor (and Gemini Collectibles). Closer to SDCC, Funko will release a list of what is where.

      1. So basically we still have to wait to get a Chart/List of what Stores these SDCC 17′ Exclusives will be Divided to, Right? (I remember back during the NYCC 16′, many were released, and someone managed to get a hold of a chart from Pinterest. It actually proved very useful, since 1-2 of them I Really wanted to get & they were listed as HT, so on that day I Purchased those right of Hot Topic Online.)

        If You get any News, or find the Store Division Release Chart, Please Post It/Link It on Here. You have my Thanks in Advance.

        1. I believe what people found prior to NYCC was a chart created by what people either thought or what was leaked by stores and compiled. Funko usually waits to reveal locations of shared exclusives on the first day of the convention.

  6. No..THATS NOT TRUE..THATS IMPOSSIBLE! NOOOOOOO! WHHYYYYYY make them Con Exclusive. ;-;. I really want that Hovertank trooper and Snoke.

  7. Disappointed that Bodhi isn’t get a common release, since he was such a popular character among fans. I’m just praying that, since Funko is saying he’ll be a shared exclusive, they don’t give him to Target or GameStop after the snafus with the Qui-Gon and hooded Luke pops.

    1. Maybe Bodhi should be a Target Exclusive and also the NYCC Exclusive Qui-Gon Jinn which should also be a Target exclusive!

      I also want more of these STAR WARS SDCC Exclusives!

      – Han Solo in Carbonite
      – Rey with Lightsaber (TFA)
      – Princess Leia (Hooded)
      – Lando Calrissian (Smuggler)
      – Deluxe Chewbacca with AT-ST
      – Deluxe Tusken Raider with Bantha
      – Deluxe Sandtrooper with Dewback
      – Jedi Spirit Anakin, Yoda and Obi-Wan 3-Pack
      – Jango Fett and Young Boba Fett 2-Pack
      – Han Solo vs Greedo 2-Pack
      – Finn vs FN-2199 2-Pack
      – Kylo Ren vs Rey 2-Pack
      – Concept Art Luke Skywalker and Concept Art Darth Vader STAR WARS 40th Anniversary 2-Pack
      – Concept Art Stormtrooper
      – Concept Art Boba Fett

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