Are the Skies Still the Limit? Updated Status of the WWE Women’s Division

When I wrote the Sky’s the Limit article in January at this link I did so because I’m a fan of wrestling and the WWE. I enjoy watching great matches with characters I’m invested in that have a solid build to their feud. During 2000-2012 I didn’t really connect with or get invested in women’s wrestling. I mean we had Trish and Lita which led the pack but I never really became interested in them as characters or their matches. When NXT started to become something they took seriously thanks to HHH the women’s wrestling and the characters became much better. I started watching the product and saw Charlotte, Becky, Sasha, Bayley, and Alexa grow as performers in the ring and on the mic while they refined their characters. Finally, I was becoming invested in these characters which in turn allowed me to watch more of the product enthusiastically.

The match that really kicked off the excitement for me was the Emma vs. Paige match which is one of the best women’s matches in NXT history in my opinion. That was the start to building fun female characters and feuds with the four horsewomen which include Charlotte, Sasha, Becky, and Bayley. These four women had great match after great match after great match. Their feuds are memorable which leads into the best women’s feud in NXT history and that is Bayley vs Sasha Banks. You have the classic underdog Bayley who overcame the odds and beat Charlotte and Becky on her way to a title match with Sasha. This feud led to two amazing matches including one candidate for match of the year. Feuds and matches of this caliber are what truly make me a fan of wrestling.

Moving on to Alexa Bliss who didn’t stand out at all in NXT until she formed the Blake and Murphy tag team. She was a solid manager and a feisty interferer in their matches. Once that team disbanded she got a small solo push against Bayley which didn’t lead anything special. Looking towards her call up to Smackdown Live is where her character took off and never stopped. She has the best facial expressions and is the best woman on the mic. A heel Charlotte and Sasha are right behind.

Now we’re getting into uncharted territory. Within the last three or four years we’ve seen a match of the year candidate, the first ever women’s Hell in a Cell match, first ever PPV Main Event, first women’s Cage Match on Smackdown Live, and now we get the first every women’s Money in the Bank match. I’m certain the accolades will continue to grow which is not only great for women’s wrestling. It’s great for wrestling.

Before my last article, the only female Pops Funko and WWE released were AJ Lee, Brie and Nicki Bella, Paige, and Eva Marie. Why they released an Eva Pop is beyond me because she was barely on the Main Roster and NXT and she was hounded by fans everywhere due to her very poor in ring skills and her horrible mic skills. Finally, they’ve released two new Pops that deserve the Pop treatment and that’s Sasha Banks and Bayley. Check out the pics below!







Now that we finally have access to half of the four horsewomen I hope the last two will be close behind. Not having Charlotte would be a crime because she’s been the most consistent in ring performer over the last year and her heel work has been top notch. Becky is also much needed as a Pop because she’s the first ever Smackdown Live Women’s Champion. I feel like she’s been lost in the shuffle recently but with Money in the Bank looming or a possible heel turn coming she shouldn’t be forgotten. Lastly, I feel like the Alexa Bliss Pops are imminent. She’s the first every Women’s Champion of both brands, she’s into cosplay, superheroes, villains, Disney, and she’s very over with the crowd even though she’s a heel character. She’s been on a meteoric rise to the top of the division and a top merchandise seller.

These women are leading the way for the WWE Women’s Division. They have intriguing characters that resonate with a large audience and they get people invested in their journeys. The faces are over, the heels are booed, and the matches have been consistently better than in previous years. WWE finally has taken the women to the next level. Can they become bonafide superstars on the level of Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, or John Cena? WWE Creative will play a big role but either way Funko should be along for the ride and give us the fantastic Pops we want, need, and deserve.

What are your thoughts on the Sasha and Bayley Pops? Should more be on the way? Sound off in the comments section below.