Justice League Preorders Are Live

Funko has just officially announced the Justice League Pop Vinyls and you can preorder them at Entertainment Earth and other locations.

This series features a few members of the DC comics superhero team. From the upcoming film Justice League releasing November 17, 2017! Batman, Aquaman, Cyborg, The Flash, Superman and Wonder Woman  are now joining the Funko team!

Collect them this Summer.

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  1. Batman looks like Catwoman. There’s already way too much similar Wonder Woman Pops. The Flash looks the Best out of them All. I own Red Comic Flash and the TV show Flash. The Superman’s Pose is Great, w/ the Flash’s pose being 2nd Best. However I own the “The Dark Knight Returns” Superman who imo is the Best Superman Pop of them all. I’d only get the Flash to add him to my Flash collection and because he looks the Best. 1 Burning ?, how will the Justice League EVER be Complete without Green Lantern?

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