What We Want: Super-Sized Edition!

I have found that one of the coolest aspects about collecting Funko’s Pop! Vinyls is how to diverse the line can be. Your favorite characters from television, movies, and comics are interchangeable with a beloved musician, wrestler, or even an advertising icon. Everyone has their own wish list of figures they’d love to see, and with the ever-expanding waves of exclusives, chases, and even the Specialty Series, I don’t think anything is too much to hope for now.

Big is back in style! Both Godzilla and King Kong have been resurrected (and are ready to be pitted against one another), Pacific Rim was granted a sequel, Anne Hathaway shares a link with one in Colossal, and the Rock is about to go up against several giant monsters in Rampage. Sometimes a character is just too big to contain in a regular Pop, and there are certainly other extra-large faces that deserve the extra room on my shelf.

5. King Shark (The Flash)


Who doesn’t want a giant human/shark hybrid? Appearing on the television series The Flash, King Shark is one of the most visually interesting antagonists the show has given us. I would love to see him added to the growing rogue’s gallery of Flash villains.

4. Galactus (Marvel Comics)


As far as big baddies go, is there really a villain bigger and badder than Marvel’s Galactus? He may rock the purple and some horrible headgear that looks like a TV antenna, but the dude eats planets. Besides it’s an iconic look that would look great next to my other Marvel characters.

3. Treebeard (The Lord of the Rings)


Funko is gracing us with a whole wave of Lord of the Rings characters later this year, and I could make a whole list of characters that didn’t make the initial cut. One of the biggest of the bunch would be Treebeard, and he absolutely deserves a spot next to the Balrog I’m going to buy.

2. ED-209 (Robocop)


We already have Alex Murphy (the titular Robocop), and while I do enjoy Kane from Robocop 2, ED-209 is just plain iconic. Please put down your weapon. You have thirty seconds to comply. Go ahead and take my money now!

1. Graboid (Tremors)


While the sequels delved deeper and deeper into the camp factor, the original Tremors had it all: actual horror and suspense (who doesn’t scoot closer to the edge of their seat with that pogo stick scene?) as well as humor and amazing characters. I can’t be alone wanting a Graboid in my collection: big head sticking up from the bottom of the box, mouth open, and tentacles (what the heck are those things? Tongues? Smaller mouths?) bursting forth, waiting for some prey.

As always, I’d love to hear what you all think. Are there any other great super-sized characters I have missed?


  1. My #1 request is always 90’s Sentinel from X-Men to be a super sized but after the didn’t make Juggernaut, Hulk and Nemesis super sized my hopes are really low.

  2. In addition to Galactus, I’d also love to see a super-sized Sentinel join the X-Men line.
    Apocalypse would be amazing too, but I’d actually prefer him to get the same treatment as Juggernaut. (Minus the Walgreens part of course.)

  3. Eh, unfortunately Funko seems to be inexplicably hit and miss on their 6″ offerings. They really dropped the ball for characters like Sauron, Voltron and Nemesis (yet the generic Hunter was in 6″ scale…)

    I wonder what the decision making process is concerning scale? Is it something like “Well, Voltron’s pretty darn huge, wanna go for 6″?” “Nah, standard’s fine, who cares!?”

    Or is it more of a licensing issue? “We’ll let you make this character but only in that size!”

  4. If I could choose ANY characters that I’d want to get Super-Size pops (whether their out already or Not), I’d go with these:

    1.) Galactus
    2.) Juggernaut
    3.) The Hulk
    4.) Optimus Prime (& other Transformers)
    5.) Nemesis (Resident Evil)

  5. I wanna see a 9-inch Godzilla POP! Vinyl collection with a 9-inch Godzilla and all the other Godzilla Kaiju as 9-inch figures like Mothra, King Ghidorah, Destoroyah, Mechagodzilla, Spacegodzilla and other Godzilla Kaiju!

  6. I have maybe 5, 6″ Inch – Super-Sized Pops, which are All great and Different from one another. I recently got a Juggernaut (X-Men) pop and while he is definately bigger than the other X-Men Pops in height and width, I still wish he’d recieved the Super-Sized Treatment. I remember watching the X-Men Animated Series and he was F**ckin’ HUGE. Also, being a huge fan of “Marvel Vs. Capcom 2″, I played as Juggernaut, and he was once again, F**ckin’ HUGE compared to the other characters. It’s hard for me to understand why Funko put out: 1.) The Hulk & 2.) Juggernaut in regular 3.75” sizes…Their so much bigger than the other characters in their respective squads/series.

  7. I just want a single Winston Zeddmore to complete my Ghostbusters collection, instead of the ride version. They skipped a number for him, go back and give him to us!

    1. ME TOO!

      As well as Elliot from Disney’s 2016 remake of Pete’s Dragon!

      Also some more 6-inch dragons!

  8. Fezzik (Andre the Giant) from Princess Bride

    Appa (Flying Bison) from Avatar – The Last Airbender

    Aku (Big Bad Guy) from Samurai Jack

    and, of course, the corresponding sets of smaller figures.

    1. Also these!

      – Giant Ogre (Adventure Time)
      – Dragon (Adventure Time)
      – Snow Golem with Fire Wolf Pup (Adventure Time)
      – Marceline as a Giant Bat Monster (Adventure Time)
      – Maui as a Giant Hawk (Moana)
      – Tamatoa (Moana)
      – Rathtar (STAR WARS: The Force Awakens)
      – Cave Troll (The Lord of the Rings Trilogy)
      – Great Goblin (The Hobbit Trilogy)
      – Devil Dinosaur (Marvel Comics)
      – Dragon (Shrek)
      – Snake Jafar (Aladdin)
      – Genie Jafar (Aladdin)
      – Giant Ursula (The Little Mermaid)
      – Chernabog (Fantasia, much bigger)
      – Hungarian Horntail and other Dragons (the Harry Potter franchise)
      – any other giant monster or giant robot

    2. Fezzik (and a whole Princess Bride line) is a MUST! I’m hoping they’ll be released soon, since this is an anniversary year – like what they did last year with Labyrinth.

  9. Fun article. There are so many to choose from. If they could do a 10 inch Baby Groot, why not…

    DC Comics:

    Juggernaut (I liked the regular pop but it doesn’t do his character justice)

    Star Wars:
    Okay this is more of a Ride or Dorbz Ridez kind of thing but, AT-AT is a must.

    1. I’m glad you liked the article. Apocalypse and Darkseid would be incredible, and I would add a Sentinel to that list too.

    2. Agreed, I got Juggernaut too recently. Compared to the rest of the X-Men pops, he definately is taller and wider, so it makes him Bigger than them. But doesn’t do him justice. I remember playing “Marvel vs. Capcom 2” and he was Incredibly Big compared to the other characters as well as seeing him in “X-Men: The Animated Series”. On that note, I think that The Hulk should have gotten a Super-Sized Pop instead of regular size. So for both 1.) Juggernaut & 2.) The Hulk, Funko’s Decision making in size is Very Questionable.

  10. Am I the only one who would love more Kaiju funko figures? Gamera and Gyaos are options , Ultraman, but mostly there are sooooooooo many Godzilla Kaiju worth consideration. King Ghidora, Mecha Godzilla, Gigan, Mothra, Rodan, Anguirus are just the regulars, not to mention less common ones like King Caesar, Battra or even Megalon! There is a large variety of options bring the Kaiju-verse alive!

  11. Man, I’d love a super-sized Hulk (or a regular-sized Dr. Banner) for my MCU collection. The regular-sized Hulk just doesn’t look right…

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