“Invisible” Frodo Baggins Coming Exclusively to Barnes and Noble

We’ve gotten our first look at an upcoming Barnes and Noble Exclusive from the movie Lord of the Rings. Well..as good of a look as you can get from an invisible variant.

Check out “Invisible” Frodo Baggins that will be online and in stores we believe in June (although possibly sooner).


Lord of the Rings Pops are the first series in awhile that I’m definitely completing the set. ¬†We also know that an invisible Smeagol will also be available at Barnes and Noble but we have not received an image yet.

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  1. Well, out of this new LOTR pop set, I liked: Gandolf, Saruman, & Balrog. The others are kool, but I don’t like them all that much, even though their far more detailed than the older “The Hobbit” pops. So, I have Balrog on pre-order, but nothing else. I have to say that this is my 2nd favorite LOTR pop after Balrog, so I will Try Getting this.

    Out of the Older sets, the pops all had that “Generic Pop” thing going, so not a big fan, EXCEPT for Sauron. That’s one pop I’ll probably never be able to get for a decent price, but one that had a lot of detail and distinguishing features for an older pop. It would look great next to my “Witcher 3” Eredin Pop!

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