So What is BoomLoot All About?

Recently I noticed a lot of members of our Funko Trading group discussing BoomLoot and I was curious what it is about. I reached out to the owners and this is the description they gave me:

BoomLoot is a fan site dedicated to collectors and pop culture fans. It’s a site where members can earn points to win and redeem hard to find collectible toys, gaming consoles and other awesome stuff.

To redeem items, a member must earn GILs, the site’s virtual currency, by unlocking the chest and looting from each available item on the site. Looting from an item drops the price down, making it more affordable to loot.   As the user loots, the price goes down, it is up to their choice to spend their hard earned gils or wait for the price to go down even more.  This makes the site thrilling and exciting as our looters, users of the site, compete for the loot.

In addition they gave me a bit of background info on how long the site has been going on:

– The site  launched by invitation only on March 17, 2017
– It opened to the public on April 24th
– has given away over 200 items since March
– All items have been free including shipping
– Everyone has a chance to win

I’m all for a new spin on collecting and several people who are members seem to enjoy it as well.  So if you are interested, go to  and click the register button up top.  After you are registered, let us know what you think!