New Star Wars Plushies and Rogue One Pops Coming This Summer

Funko has just released informaton on new Star Wars Plushies and more Pops from Rogue One

Another amazing wave of Galactic Plushies have arrived!These 7-8” high-quality plushies include more Star Wars favorites! This wave features Wicket, R2D2, Yoda, Luke Skywalker
and a classic Storm Trooper! These adorable Galactic Plushies are a perfect
fit for your home or office! Take them with you on the go!

Add them to your collection this Summer!

Coming in July!

Pop! Star Wars: Rogue One W2

Our Star Wars Rogue One Pop! line would not be
complete without these latest additions!

This series features the father-daughter pair
Galen Erso and Young Jyn Erso!
A member of the Partisans and ally of Jyn Erso, Weeteef Cyubee!
Also, a Death Star Droid!

Coming this Summer!


  1. I think Galen would have made a better convention piece than Bodhi if it this is the case. Bodhi should have been in this wave since he was left out of the first as he is a main part of the team, and major player in the movie. Galen was more or less of a side note to the main storyline, but didn’t have a major role as a character.

  2. Kind of surprised to see those Pops, to be honest. Rogue One Pops cratered in price and I picked up the ones I want for less than $5 on Amazon.

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