Spoiler Alert: Check Out the Legion of Collectors Wonder Woman Box

Last night, I received my Legion of Collectors Wonder Woman box and it’s time to share with you my review of what’s in it. With that being said, you need to stop reading now if spoilers make you tear up.




If you are still here, let’s get to reviewing. The first item in the box was revealed a few weeks ago but here is the Wonder Woman Pop.

I love the lasso. It adds a bit extra to this pop. On the other hand, I doubt I buy any other Wonder Woman Pops because this one is good enough!

Next we get the addition of a 2nd Pop: Doctor Maru. I’m not that familiar with this character but it’s cool to see a new character in the box.

This month we don’t get a shirt but we do get socks. Not a fan of socks because frankly they don’t fit me normally and I haven’t fully committed to the silly sock phase. My wife loves them though!

Lastly, we get a Pint Size Hero of Wonder Woman. I wasn’t a big fan of PSH when first announced but the inclusion of some in a few Funko sub boxes has changed my mind. I need to buy a few more. (I like how I posed her for this pic. It’s like she’s excited to meet the TARDIS.)

I forgot to take photos of the pin and patch but don’t worry, they are in the box. I’ll add them later. Also good news is that we know what the next Legion of Collectors theme is:

You have until July 2nd to subscribe to Legion of Collectors to get your Batman: The Animated Series box. To subscribe, click HERE.


  1. Overall a good box. Love the 2 Pops. However, I feel such an iconic DC character deserves a shirt. Is Funko serious with the sock!?! They feel cheap, like something from the dollar store. Almost as bad as the hats. Lastly, where is the comic book? Every LOC and MCC box has had one.

        1. Adding the traditional comic book and a shirt.. I remember giving my shirt size when I ordered.. I don’t ever remember giving my shoes size or hat size .. away with the hats and socks already

  2. Disappointed there wasnt a Shirt i could wear when i go to see the movie. I always get alot of complements on the shirts. And i think this is the first box with a movie coming out soon from Funko that didnt have a shirt

  3. I’m not a big DC person at all, but this is actually a really cool box. I’d pass on the socks, but the rest of it seems really solid to the point that I would be happy to have it.

    I also think it’s hilarious that they can’t go too long without some Batman related box or item in a non-Bat themed box haha I get it from a financial standpoint, he’s wicked popular, but it’s still funny.

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