Happy Alien Day! New Alien Covenant Pop Vinyls

We hope everyone had a Happy Alien Day yesterday! In honor of such an “official” holiday, Funko released information about exclusives from the upcoming Alien Covenant.  Check out these new Alien Covenant Pop Vinyls coming in June. First here at the three main pieces that you can preorder from Entertainment Earth.

Alien Covenant Xenomorph Pop! Vinyl Figure  


Alien Covenant David Pop! Vinyl Figure 


Alien Covenant Daniels Pop! Vinyl Figure


It wouldn’t be a Funko release without some exclusives. Check out these must haves:

Bloody Xenomorph (Gamestop)


Oram with Face Hugger (Hot Topic)



  1. JUST noticed something wrong with the “David” POP. Walter was the one accompanying the Covenant to the planet, while David was the android from Prometheus. While yes, David is in the Covenant film, the outfit the POP is wearing is that of Walter when they land on the planet.

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