New WWE Pops Coming This Summer? Drink It In Man, Like a Boss!

Thanks to a few different sources we can confirm new WWE Pops are coming out this summer.  You get a few women, a few legends, and a few chases.

Let’s check out the list that we know as of now:

Chris Jericho

Million Dollar Man Ted DiBease and CHASE

Sasha Banks


The Iron Shiek and CHASE

It will be very interesting to see what constitutes the chase for Ted DiBease and The Iron Shiek! Will Chris Jericho be his current version or maybe his Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla days? We should know more in late June and July.


  1. People mentioning the ted DeBease title belt got me thinking, touldnt it be cool if they realised mini title belts that could attatch to any pop.

    1. They need to do legion of doom, bushwackers, Jake the snake, tatanka, the twin towers, hardys, dudleys, coco beware, brutus the barber, chyna and Jim Duggan. Also would find an xrated Paige awesome.

  2. Jericho needs to be the 1st funko with led lights on it. How cool would it be for him to have his lit up jacket.

  3. maybe they’ll do one for DiBiase as you said with different suit colours, but one with the Million $ belt and one without?

    There’s lots of different design possibilities for Jericho, if/when they want to do variants.

  4. So glad were getting Jericho. Keep hoping for Edge though also. Hopwfuly we getadecent version of Jericho though

  5. My guess for DiBiase and Sheik:

    DiBiase normal: in his black $$$ Suit. Chase will be either the green one ( or his white one ( I would dig the white one from 1988:

    Sheik: Best guess would be standard is just him in his wrestling gear and the chase has the turban.

    I would be very surprised to see classic Jericho, but I would LOVE a Jericho Pop with the topknot from WCW/his early WWF days:

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