Harry Potter Fans I Have Some News About Lupin and Ginny Pop Vinyls

As the one who has to moderate comments, I noticed that an insanely disproportionate amount of people kept posting that they just had to have a Ginny Pop. The tone was borderline maniacal and I began having fun (Okay trolling them) by just constantly talking about how uninteresting and unimportant she was. Now mind you she isn’t either of those.

However, she also isn’t one of the most interesting characters but the wife of the boy that lives probably deserves a Pop and guess what? Funko agrees.  Funko Trading member Richard Nyan posted this screenshot that confirms numerous new Harry Potter Pop Vinyls including Lupin and Ginny.

From the list, you see that Funko will release a Harry Potter with Marauders Map, Hermione with Time Turner, Ron with Scabbers, LUPIN (best news yet), Ginny, Luna with Lion Head and Peter Pettigrew!

No work yet when they will be release or if we can find more cool designs in the next few months. Now Harry and Ginny shippers, let’s calm down on the cursing, death threats, and overall nasty behavior about your favorite character and I’ll turn down the trolling level 🙂