June’s Marvel Collector Corps Theme Announced

Funko have announced the next Collectors Corps subscription box theme and as expected, the June box will have a Spider-Man: Homecoming theme.

Each box contains exclusive Funko products, which can include t-shirts, comic books and figures such as Pop Vinyls and Dorbz.

What do you hope is included in this box?


  1. I’d like to see a cool action pose spider-man vs the vulture 2 pack pop, with SP shooting some webs wearing his homecoming suit/ half unmasked, an vulture on a stand, that’s something Id love to see happen. Or iron mans suit in the homecoming movie.

  2. So I guess we can just look at the next Marvel movies and predict the Box theme. What i really want is a 10 inch Hulk. It makes me sad to see the little Hulk Standing with all the other Avengers. The Hulk should be towering over the Avengers and it would really complement my Hulkbuster Pop from last year.

    1. Yep! I am still wanting a larger Hulk to go with my Hulk Buster too! I am hoping for a cool gladiator Hulk as well when Ragnorock comes out!

  3. I really liked the last Spider-Man box. That being said, I hope this one is a bit different so things are not too repetitive. We got a cool hat in the last box and a good shirt in the showdown box. I wouldn’t be surprised if they included Pint Size Heros but they already did a whole line of Spider-Man ones and announced Home Coming versions. I don’t really know what to expect. I am hoping for various characters such as villains and stark but don’t won’t new unknown characters like Peter’s best friend! I hope for more than a simple pose variant but really don’t want any Rock Candy figures.

  4. Kind of hard to say without seeing the movie, but have to imagine it’ll be a Spidey Pop in some sort of action pose.

    Hopefully Vulture is not wasted on the pin as they have done so many times with the most visually interesting character of the box. I also hope they do not do a Spider-Man only box, and I say that as someone who loved the Spidey box from last year.

    My prediction:

    Meh box:
    Spider-Man Pin
    Spider-Man Pop
    Spider-Man Shirt
    Spider-Man Mug

    Great box:
    Spider-Man vs. Vulture Pops
    Whatever else they want to do, I don’t care. Tony Stark mug? Sure. Spidey hat? Cool.

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