Batman Brings The Jungle To

The latest exclusive has Batman taking a trip to the jungle! Check out this classic Batman from  original Batman comics

Straight from Batman #72 (a comic book issue from August 1952), it’s Jungle Batman! Batman and Robin are shipwrecked while attempting to deliver the Sinister Eight to a prison on Satan’s Island. They are all washed ashore and it’s a battle to see who is able to capture who first!

The Jungle Batman Pop! is a exclusive and is a limited edition of 10,000 pieces. Ages 3 and up.


  1. Just about sick of Batman. Can we get some pops of other Bat-verse characters? Red Hood, Red Robin, Huntress, Batwoman, Batwing, Robin (damien), Solomon Grundy, Mr Freeze, Black Mask, Hush…..ALFRED!!!!!!!!! someone other than all these damn Batman variants.

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