Disney Movie Rewards Offering Discount on Funko’s Disney Treasures!

Attention Disney Movie Rewards Members! Still on the fence with Funko’s newest subscription service Disney Treasures? Well, if you haven’t signed up by now, you are in luck! Running now through April 22nd, DMR members can redeem 300 points to get a 5% off code towards the purchase of one of the Disney Treasures: Pirates Cove subscriptions.

Note that, when redeeming for the code, that the code is only valid through April 22nd, when extended subscriptions for Pirates Cove ends. Also this is only valid on the Disney Treasures subscriptions service, not other Funko subscriptions (Marvel Collector Corps, DC Legion of Collectors, or Star Wars Smugglers Bounty).

Want to get your code? You can visit Disney Movie Rewards and log in.

While it’s becoming clear that sales on this subscription service isn’t as high as Funko predicted, for 300 points, the savings isn’t a “WOW” factor, but could be a tipping point for some of you. Me? I purchased the full year Pioneer subscription on day one… so no discounts for me.


Will you be picking up the Disney Treasures subscription using your DMR points? Let us know.