Check Out the Marvel Collector Corps Spoiler

Funko has decided to send out a spoiler from the upcoming Marvel Collector Corps Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 box.

Before we show it, we’re giving you the standard spoiler warning. If you love surprises, back out of this thread now.





Still here?  Well here ya go!

Obviously a great design. If you were expecting some design besides Rocket or Groot, I hate that you’ve disappointed yourself. To me, it’s a great design and obviously going to be a popular one! You can still sign up for this box by going to .


  1. Not quite sure why everyone is losing their minds. I got the box yesterday and was over the friggin moon! I still would love for the shirts to be less PoPpy, like the women of power and the earlier shirts, but that’s me just splitting hairs. The Dorbz ride was great and I loved the Rocket and Groot pop. The only PoP I have been really bummed out about this whole time was the Wolverine ride in the Xmen box because I was just really hoping for an Xmen PoP we had never received yet. Anywho. Awesome box Funko!!!

  2. Great design? Maybe for a store exclusive but not the sub box. It’s bad enough that Funko employees were so crazy excited for this box in the video that it actually made you excited to see some amazing new POP. Instead we get the GameStop exclusive Rocket with Groot on his back. Not even a different pose or a new weapon…just the exact same POP with a baby on his back.
    The comic boxes have been getting very boring with their exclusives. I thought LoC was bad but this is getting up there. As a LoC subscriber I was actually jealous of the other boxes because they would have 6″ POPs, Rides, multple POPs, Deluxe POPs. But now it seems that it is only the SW boxes that are still going strong.

    1. Again, it’s in a box that costs $25. Relax. If you are expecting SDCC level, you are disappointing yourself. Cancel the box and just buy the ones you want off the secondary market if it outrages you.

  3. That’s disappointing. I was expecting Yondu or Ayesha, or some planet…
    Or maybe this is a good thing. If Funko’s making those Pops, and they’re not on MCC, then maybe those Pops will just be released on a much later date, and I don’t have to buy the box.

  4. Well my excitement for this box really bottomed out. Funko is really making me re-think buying any more MCC boxes. I mean they have a visually interesting villain that they haven’t made a Pop of and would be perfect for an MCC box and instead we get a lazy and frankly boring Pop.

    Here’s hoping there’s no hats….

  5. Okay, so I like the pop. But how is it that Collector Corp is already repeating characters. Groot and Rocket were in the box last year.

      1. Patience. they have made tens of thousands of the life sized Groot. Many get released on April 16. This is not something that will hold high value.

        1. I have been going to target every day for a week. Most targets don’t know that they are not supposed to be released yet. I have only gone to one where they said, “Yeah, they are in the back but, we can’t sell them yet.” I am happy to hear there are so many. Thanks Baltar.

    1. As ornaments, though. I don’t think there’s many other characters that are anywhere close to as popular or visually interesting. Like, yeah, you can throw a Star Lord in there, but he’s kind of dull looking. Drax is more visually interesting, but not as memorable a character. Then the rest are either neither or haven’t been revealed yet.

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