Loot Crate “PRIMAL” (March 2017) Review

For March 2017, Loot Crate brought together a real PRIMAL cast of characters for their regular Loot Crate subscription box. Wolverine, Winston from Overwatch, and couple of dinos from Jurassic World, and a Predator have invaded. Here is my unboxing of this month’s Loot Crate, and then a closer look.

1. Loot Crate Exclusive Old Man Logan Wolverine Die-Cast Figure (1 of 3 Designs)

One of three exclusive designs of this figure by Jada Toys can be found in this month’s subscription boxes. No word on rarity, but you can complete your collection over at the Loot Crate website.

 2. Loot Crate Exclusive Overwatch T-Shirt

Featuring that “lovable” gorilla Winston from the video game, this shirt evokes Primal Rage!

3. Loot Crate Exclusive Predator Bottle Opener (1 of 2 Designs)

This nifty little bottle opener featured one of two Predator Bio-Masks, a regular one and that of Gort, from Predator 2. Want the other bottle opener? They will be up for order soon in Loot Crate’s Vault!

4. Loot Crate Exclusive Jurassic World  Warning Sign

This iconic warning sign from our favorite dino-infested Isla Nublar is made ready for mounting on your very own fence to help keep visitors aware of the dangers that surround them.

5. Loot Crate Primal Pin with Savage Comic Book Unlock

Each month’s pin unlocks something exclusive online. This month’s exclusive is the first two issues of Savage.

6. Secret Order of the Keys Bonus: Member’s Pin

If you took part in and completed last month’s Secret Order of the Keys quests in time, you received a special piece of swag this month… that being the Member’s Pin. Pretty snazzy.

7. Dinosaur Box

This month’s Loot Crate box turns into a dinosaur. Another fun little feature. I don’t normally destroy the box for what can be done with it, but I did this time. Why not?

Overall thoughts: Another home run this month for Loot Crate. All of the items are exclusives, which is a bonus. I am enjoying this new Secret Order of the Keys feature as well, which brings in more fun and swag. Worth the $20? Yes.



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