Flashback Friday – The Marvel Cinematic Universe – I Am Angry Groot

Welcome to Flashback Friday: The Marvel Cinematic Universe. In this series you’ll get a review and discussion on some of your favorite Pops and Dorbz from the MCU. Here, we really appreciate the shared universe so the figures will come from film, television, and streaming. Angry Groot is this week’s choice for discussion.

Discussion: Angry Groot is undoubtedly one of the most interesting Pops in the Guardians of the Galaxy set. There’s a few things that make it really unique. First, it’s the only Groot Pop that’s out of character because Groot for the most part is a very relaxed individual. Even in most scuffles there’s very little angry emotions emanating from the face.

Secondly, Angry Groot is an exclusive from Dallas Comic Con (ToyMatrix.com). As far as I know, this is the only MCU Pop that’s come from that convention. I don’t think any Marvel Pop has come from Dallas except Angry Groot. That in of itself makes it very distinctive.

Finally, Angry Groot is the most expensive Pop from the original Guardians of the Galaxy set. I don’t know the production run for Angry Groot but due to the exclusivity that only being available at Dallas Comic Con in 2015 and being a couple of years old has driven Angry Groot to the top of the mountain in regards to value. Current eBay listings range from $25.00 to $40.00. The listings from $25.00 to $30.00 seem to be selling the most often. I was lucky enough to find a vendor at San Diego Comic Con who had Angry Groot. I was able to purchase him for $20.00 a couple of years ago. You’ll definitely want to check out our Facebook Group at this link if you’re in search of this exclusive Pop.

Angry Groot

Guardians of the Galaxy Set: The Guardians of the Galaxy Set is one of the largest MCU Pop sets in existence today. The set contains 25 Pops including exclusives from Amazon, Box Lunch, Dallas Comic Con, Entertainment Earth, Hot Topic, Loot Crate, Previews, San Diego Comic Con, Specialty Series, and Underground Toys. There are 1 Cosmo, 1 Drax, 1 Gamora, 8 Groot, 1 Nebula, 5 Rocket Raccoon, 1 Ronan, 3 Star-Lord, 2 Thanos, 1 Collector, and 1 Yondu.

Description/Review: Angry Groot’s entire body looks like tree bark. The paint color is a type of brown that gives off a treelike aspect. The sculpt of the head is similar to the top of a tree that was broken or unevenly cut off. There are branches growing from inside the top middle portion of the head. Small branches which somewhat resemble spikes are protruding from several spots on each arm. The feet are designed and shaped like tree stumps. The face expresses an angry and menacing demeanor. The forehead slopes downward and the mouth is left open with various teeth on display. You can definitely tell what type of emotion this Groot is expressing.

From my recollection, there’s only two portions of the film that Groot becomes angry. The scene when he extends one of his arms through multiple guards swinging them around inside a tunnel. His face definitely could be expressing anger. The other scene is when they’re attempting to breakout of the prison early on in the film. Rocket is on Groot’s shoulder shooting at guards and Groot is yelling angrily while he spins around the room allowing Rocket to get the advantage. Overall, I think this Pop looks great. I really enjoy the different facial expression considering all of the other Groot Pops have the same blank expression. The arms and legs are exactly the same as each other Groot that’s not a potted plant. I hope for future Groot’s they try and alter the emotions portrayed because I think those will really standout.

What’s next? I think it’s pretty obvious that the second Guardians of the Galaxy set has hit stores worldwide. They have a good selection of Pops available including a Chase Star-Lord. This set is going to be and already is mega popular. I mean we finally get these adorable Baby Groot. You can’t resist them. Keep in mind that more Pops will be revealed and released as we get closer to the film debuting in cinemas around the world. Please stay tuned to PopVinyls for all of the latest updates to your favorite sets.

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