Smuggler’s Bounty Rebels Box Review

The latest Smuggler’s Bounty Rebels Box Review is here and let’s get to it. While we knew some of the items, there’s definitely more to this box and definitely worth it.

The patch is Zeb and the pin is a masked Sabine. Nice additions to the box of course. The Pops were the big draw. We knew about Maul due to Funko choosing to reveal Smuggler’s Bounty “main items.” The Maul is awesome. The only quibble is that he’s no longer a Darth and should just be Maul. However, freaking out over that will rise my geek level to dangerous levels so I’ll let it go. A few weeks ago,  we were teased by Dave Filoni with the image of Captain Rex and we wisely figured out he would be the 2nd Pop in the box.

Funko teased that there would be another item in the box and we got a Chopper Mini Hikari!

Now I figured this was the only one to worry about but then I looked closely at the insert in the box.

Let’s zoom in a bit:

So I’m making the assumption that there are 5 possible Choppers! Cool! I love a little bit of a chase.

Lastly, we get another pretty cool shirt. I prefer regular designs to Pop designs but I’m probably in the minority. It’s still great.

2 Pops, a mini Hikari, and a tshirt for $25 bucks? If you complain about this box, you deserve a kick into the Sarlaac pit.  To place your order for the next Smuggler’s Bounty box (Themed for Star Wars 40th Anniversary) go to



  1. Smugglers is the only sub I have left going because they are solid boxes. I don’t like the shirt designs either but what can you do?

  2. Sure wish DC & Marvel would start giving us 2 pops in our boxes, instead of constantly trying to push their other product lines onto us… I still get a little mad whenever I happen to see the lame Suicide Squad action figures, in the back of the closest. Lol I will give them a little credit on this month’s Superman action figure because the packaging looked so great.

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