Flashback Friday: The MCU has a Hulk

Welcome to Flashback Friday: The MCU. In this series you’ll get a review and discussion on some of your favorite Pops and Dorbz from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We really appreciate the shared universe so the figures will come from film, television, and streaming. One of my favorite lines in the Avengers is when Tony Stark tells Loki “we have a Hulk” in response to otherworldly threats. Hulk throws down like no else in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe so it’s fair he gets the spotlight in this week’s Flashback Friday.

This Hulk is from the Avengers set and it’s the first one we get in relation to the MCU. The Hulk’s head and face are painted the trademark green color. The eyes are black and the mouth is angrily ajar showing the pearly whites. The eyebrows are designed in such a way as to give off a menacing look to the enemy. The hair color is as black as the eyes. The hair could’ve been a bit messier in my opinion to make it look just a bit similar to what we see in the film.

#13 – The Hulk (Avengers)

The rest of Hulk’s body is just as green as his head and face. The hands are balled up into fists showing that he’s ready to fight. The legs and feet are spread apart which gives off the feeling that he’s ready to run after some of Loki’s minions. Hulk looks pretty ripped but one thing missing for me is the muscle surrounding his neck and on top of his shoulders. The muscle is so massive in the film and not even to address it in the pop is a huge disservice. Lastly, Hulk is sporting some gray cutoff shorts which used to be pants when he was the normal Bruce Banner.

Hulk was released way back in 2011 which is the same year Avengers broke numerous box office records. Being that the pop is six years old you will not find it in stores. Your best bet is eBay but I’m sure there are plenty of vendors selling him at comic conventions throughout the states. You could also check our awesome Facebook group which can be found here for all of your collection needs.

The scarcity of the Hulk has caused its price to increase but surprisingly not as much as one would think. You should be able to find him for $20.00 – $35.00 if you’re lucky on eBay. Look for this pop to creep towards $40.00 – $50.00 from a lot of convention vendors.


What did you think of the Hulk in Marvel’s the Avengers? Did Hulk smash? Let us know what you think about this pop and the film in the comments below.

Check back next week for another Flashback from the ever growing MCU. Excelsior!


  1. I don’t care fpr pops based on live action versions of comic book characters (with very few exceptions). I prefer my comic book character pops inspired by the comic books they originated from. For instance, Vision from AOU is a very lame pop imo. The color scheme is horrid. There are some like Thor and Iron Man that are fine, but for the most part, live action just doesn’t capture the spirit of the character to me.

    Now I know seeing live action Hawkeye in his classic suit is a bit much, but that’s the character I grew to love. At least cater to both parties. I’m sure there are folk who like the movie versions (which is completely fine), but give me the classics all day. I still want all my classic avengers as pops (Hawkeye, Vision, Thor, Scarlet Witch, etc…)

    1. That’s totally fair. I really enjoy the MCU Films which is why I enjoy their pop form. I like some of the comic renditions as well. Some of the X-Men ones look really cool.

      Which classic Avengers would you like to see in pop form that they haven’t done just yet?

  2. Although this Hulk is good I am hoping for more detailed versions when the Thor 3 line is released. This one is more on the cartoony side which was common for Pops then. Also, it doesn’t provide real big variation from other Hulk Pop releases. Although I like the simple classic Pop look i really also enjoy the more complex modern ones. So, again, looking forward to more to come! I am also hoping for a larger scale Hulk!

    1. One correction to my last comment. I forgot about the differences between this Hulk and the Age of Ultron Hulk. I was thinking of how the first Avengers Hulk and the stand alone Hulk release were practically the same. I do like the ones already released though!

      1. Yeah I agree with you on the Hulk. The first MCU one looks a lot like the other Hulks that were released. The AoU Hulk looks so much better and has more detail. I’m hoping Funko will blow us away with the Hulk in the Thor: Ragnarok set.

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