The Top Seven Harry Potter Pop Vinyls That Still Need To Be Made!

With the incredible popularity of Harry Potter and the Pop Vinyls for the series, it goes without saying we need more Harry Potter Pops. With 7 books and a total of 8 movies, that is a lot of characters and moments to cover. I first made a list of 50 that I would love to be made. After a few hours,  I narrowed it down to 7.

The Top 7 Harry Potter Pop Vinyls That Still Need to be Made!

1. Whomping Willow

My first choice might be slightly controversial but come on, we need a Funko tree at some point. The tree plays a pivotal part in Prisoner of Azkhaban. And don’t forget that great scene in Chamber of Secrets. Which leads me to…

2. Ford Anglia Pop Ride with Whomping Willow Damage
and Harry, Ron, and Hedwig

My first thought was a Ford Anglia Pop Ride based on the picture above was a good choice. What would be great, however, would be how the Anglia looks AFTER it’s encounter with the Whomping Willow. I guess we could have two different Anglias. One in flying condition and one in whomped condition.

3. Molly and Arthur Weasley Two Pack

I have a soft spot in my heart for Arthur and Molly Weasley. Besides being the head of a great wizard family, they also gave Harry some parental loving he needed.

4. Lupin with Werewolf Lupin Chase

Professor Lupin is probably in my top five favorite characters after Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Since there are two sides of Professor Lupin, we need a regular Pop of him and maybe his werewolf version as a chase piece.

5. Kreacher

J.K. Rowling once said the movie people were going to cut Kreacher out of the movies but Rowling said they might not want to do that. I’ll always like Kreacher for being an old curmudgeon and being loyal to the Black family.


6. Young Severus and Young Lily Two Pack

This picture above is from of my favorite scenes in the Harry Potter films. The soundtrack was brilliant and matched the heartbreaking that you feel for Severus as you realize he had always loved Lily. Always.


7. Filch with Mrs. Norris

One could argue that Filch was a pain. Heck his cat was even irritating. Yet, they were in every book and a memorable part of Hogwarts. I’d proudly display these two in my collection.

Now these are obviously my top 7 choices and my opinion is no more important than yours. Please share your top 7 choices in the comments below!