A Look at the Hot Topic Exclusive Poison Ivy And How To Win One!

One of my favorite new Funko Pop Vinyls, is yet again from the DC/Heroes line. Check out Poison Ivy!

This design  is a perfect example of how far Funko’s amazing designers have come from the early days of Funko. As a reminder, here’s a look at a Batgirl from the early days.

#03 – Batgirl

Poison Ivy  will be coming to Hot Topic shortly but if you want to get one sooner, go to Funko’s Facebook page to get a chance to win one!


  1. You can now find these on their website too. I just picked up one last night and it looks even better in person!

        1. Yes. They haven’t hit all stores yet. West coast has got them but I know the east coast usually takes longer. Sometimes I can’t write “Hot Topic has them in stores right now and people run to the stores and they aren’t there. HT doesn’t release in all stores at once.”

        1. Yeah west coast has some. East coast doesn’t. They have no release date. They role out. But please try to make a big deal out of everything. It makes life more fun.

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