Review: New Daredevil and Punisher Pops

As Marvel’s array of Netflix series grows, it’s nice to see that Funko is still paying some attention to the fan-favorite character who made superheroes so successful on the streaming service: Daredevil, who recently had a new Pop released along with other characters from his show.  Below is a review of two of the new Pops, the Punisher and Daredevil himself.

The Punisher had two figures released, a standard (which I received) and a chase.  While the chase had some cool accessories, I actually preferred the regular because of the large sniper rifle and the trench coat, which contributes a lot to the ominous look of the character.  This figure has a relatively simplistic design but still manages to impress, especially with features such as the red swollen area around his eye and the shaved-down hair on the sides of the head, which look very convinving.  His skull logo also has the same rudimentary look as was displayed in the show.


216 Punisher
216 Punisher with DD Mask *CHASE*

The Daredevil Pop, however, is even better as it has taken the design of the previous Daredevil figure and improved upon it with new features such as an updated head sculpt and extended billy club weapon.  The new head sculpt includes more rounded horns than the previous figure, which is reminiscent of the comics, as well as a more expressive face.  For a figure with such small details, the accuracy of the paint is impressive, right down to the small metallic buckles on the suit.

214 Daredevil

I would strongly recommend these Pops to any collectors who are fans of the show or of Marvel in general.  The last inclusion in the series is Elektra, so I’ll try to find that one in stores.  I’d also be interested to hear how other collectors thought this figure measured up to the other very recent Daredevil Pop, which was included in last month’s MCC box.  Share your opinions in the comments.