Specialty Series Pop and Dorbz Announced for June

Funko officially announced June’s Specialty Series Pop Vinyl and Dorbz today. 

What is the Specialty Series? Here’s Funko’s explanation:

Every store deserves an amazing Funko exclusive!In an effort to recognize our most special accounts and loyal retailers, Funko is continuing our Specialty Series. Every month, we’ll be announcing two major exclusives – one Pop! Vinyl and one Dorbz – that can be acquired through the Specialty Series.

Why is it so special? This is your chance to sell a Funko exclusive,
available only to qualified retailers! Remember, these two fantastic pieces are exclusive to the Specialty Series. So pay a visit to your favorite specialty store or your local comic book shop and let them know to order the Specialty Series from Funko.


  1. I thought Iceman was their February specialty series that month?

    Can you please tell me what each Pop from the specialty series was each month this year?

  2. Awesome! I know they announced Iceman a while back and since I want that one really bad I’ve been worried I may miss it, so nice to know that’s it June. Also, I’m sure Funko wasn’t thinking about this, but June is pride month and that’s when they release their first LGBT Marvel character Pop, I guess well played Funko haha

    Oh and totally getting that Iron Fist Dorbz! I stick to only getting comic book versions for my Dorbz (I think they look better than the MCU ones) so he’s perfect! And one of my favorite Marvel characters, which obviously helps.

    1. You are a lot like me, my friend…

      When it comes to collecting pops of the comic book variety, I almost always stick to comic book versions of characters; with exceptions of very few such as Cap, Luke Cage, J.Jones, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Panther and Winter Soldier – primarily because most of those characters may not see a comic book mold, and I kind of wanted (in some way) a complete Avengers set.

      I’d kill for a classic comic book version of Hawkeye (hate modern Hawkeye), Vision (MCU version is horrid), Thor, War Machine, Black Panther (w/cape) and so on. I’d take anything Marvel/DC comic book related. I think for every live action, comic book character they give the pop treatment, they should equally give classic comic book treatment.

      The Original!!!

      1. Not to mention…

        8 times out of 10, the characters live action suits don’t hold up to what we know and love. I know it may be a lil’ ridiculous to see Hawkeye in his classic get’up, but I like that version of the character. I think the films butcher some of my favorite characters as far as costume design goes – and that’s why I (for the most part) stay away from live action pop vinyls.

      2. haha actually, for Pops I tend to stick with MCU over comic book, unless that character isn’t in the MCU (like all the X-men or Ms. Marvel). That said, I really really really want a comic book Scarlet Witch pop, she is my favorite Marvel character and would love to see that.

        As for how the costumes have been interpreted I feel Marvel has been more hit than miss. Vision is an interesting case, I agree the MCU version isn’t great, like I would prefer him to be more red than magenta, and more green in his costume. But others, like Scarlet Witch, just has a costume that would never work in live action. I’ve accepted that haha Actually, her look in Civil War was pretty clearly based on her Marvel NOW/Uncanny Avengers costume, which is one of my favorites of hers, so I was excited to see that.

        Hawkeye is a hard one, especially since his new costume is just so popular and tied to his resurgence as a character since Fraction wrote him.

  3. Not a fan of the new site layout. Scrolling through a dozen ads before reading the actual article instead of just putting them off to a side is not a smart choice.

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