Toy Fair ’17: TOMY- Lightseekers, Pokemon, & Sonic!

While at Toy Fair last weekend, I swung by the TOMY booth and met with the team their, checking out their new Toys to Life games Lightseekers, as well as checking out new items from Pokemon and Sonic. Here are some shots from the booth, as well as a little more about Lightseekers.


First off, what i liked off the bat with this new Toys 2 Life game is that it is an app based game. No console required. These days, I am on the go so much that when I am actually sitting in front of my TV in the living room, I am too tired or busy to turn on my PS4. I’ve instead been playing app games on my iPhone or iPad. The fact that this works with that is a great thing.

At launch, there will be two main heros available: Tyrax and Mara. Their starter packs will come with their respective 7″ action figure, the Fusioncore (what interacts with the app), a weapon, (5) trading cards, and a Tribute Card. More figures will be available in the future.

The Fusioncore

Additional weapons and  flight packs will be available for purchase.

As you progress in the game play, the figure, weapons, flight packs, and more will remember progress and become more powerful as experience grows.

Another important factor in the game is the trading card aspect, which adds in game characters, effects, and rewards. There are over 385 cards to collect. Special Tribute cards benefit more players the more times individual players scan that specific card.




As I got a quick demo of the game, I can see it being similar to Skylanders in storyline and combat… and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, as Skylanders have been very popular over the years. I do think that this new take on mobility and tie-in to trading cards will make Lightseekers successful.

I stopped playing Skylanders a couple of years ago, mainly because of the cost factor involved. However, checking out Lightseekers, it looks like, at least initially, there isn’t as much cost to get into the game. I will most certainly be picking up a starter pack when it releases later this year and checking the game out more fully at that time.



From Lightseekers, we go to Pokemon. This year, in addition to the regular line of action figures, plush, and role play, TOMY is releasing a “cutie” line. And they are adorable.

I couldn’t take pics of the actual product, which is still being tweaked, but the “My Friend Pikachu” and “My Friend Eevee” interactive plush will probably be very popular this year.


Sonic the Hedgehog

Finally, here is some of the new items coming from the Sonic line at TOMY. Great seeing this franchise becoming popular again.

Personally, I started visited the TOMY booth because of their work with Disney properties like Inside OutThe Good Dinosaur, and Zootopia, but their work on a lot of other pop culture lines have proven that they know what they are doing. Looking forward to seeing what they bring to the table in 2017 and beyond.